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Finnish Online Gambling Trends Likely to Catch on in 2020 
The global gambling industry has never been bigger. People from all over the world are betting on football matches, playing online bingo, and spinning slots at casinos on the web. However, one country is leading the charge in online gaming change, and that’s Finland. The Nordic state has been turning the heads of plenty of casino players’ in recent times!

But why is this? Recent news suggests that Finland has been allowed to continue legislating its own gambling rules outside of EU regulation. That, to players in the country, is seen as something of a relief. But what can global casinos learn from Finnish gambling in 2020?

Responsible Gambling Trends

What sets Finland’s gambling and online betting scenes apart from the rest of the world is the responsibility they exude. Gambling in Finland is under state control. While this may sound oppressive, it actually means that it’s a positive, progressive industry.

For example, Finnish casinos generally offer money they make to charities and good causes. Some even run entirely, not for profit. This is a massive change to what casino players elsewhere in the world might expect.

The Vegas image of casinos is hard to ignore in the West. Therefore, could we see changes in the way that British and US gaming take on revenue? With causes crying out for funding, a charity casino model will be hugely welcome.

One Brand Over All Others

Another interesting difference in the Finnish gambling industry is how sites and casinos operate. At present, all gambling activities receive governance from Veikkaus. Veikkaus is a state-managed firm with rights to Finnish casino games and activities.

That means that it is often hard for international casinos to seek licensing in Finland. Online casinos such as Netti Casino ( are allowed to operate under Finnish rule. For global brands, it is not so easy, although, that may change in the future.

However, the idea of one umbrella for all casinos is appealing. Moving to this kind of system in the UK will take a lot of untangling. It will also mean that all casino operators will need to work together under state control.

Sadly, it’s unlikely that this style of system will catch on in other countries. However, in those countries with laws yet to relax, such as in Japan and India, the Finnish model might yet be appealing.

Offering Help and Support

While the Finnish state mandates its national gambling, it also provides support for addicts. Gambling can become addictive if you fail to notice the signs. However, Finnish authorities are leading the way in terms of opening up channels of help to local people.

The UK already has a strong system in place, known as GAMCARE. However, the Finnish model is interesting as it is state-mandated. Therefore, it will be interesting to see if international casinos follow suit with gambling support as part of their casino frontends.

In any case, Finland is a nation with a fascinating approach to gambling. Will they inspire other gaming nations in the years to come? Let’s see.

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