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Economical situation of the gambling industry in Canada 

Many industries are currently making waves because of their economic impact. These industries are currently raking millions and billions of dollars in revenue. Industries like the gambling industry in Canada, for example.

The gambling industry in Canada produced a whooping revenue of more than 17 billion dollars. That was in 2017, so you may be wondering what is happening. Is it still thriving? Is the revenue still coming in? How well did it withstand the challenges that hit it? Is it a worthy investment?

This piece will examine the current economic situation of the gambling industry in Canada.

Canadian Gambling Industry

The Canadian gambling industry is one of the major drivers of revenue and growth in Canada. This industry currently employs almost two hundred thousand people. You may be wondering how this is possible.

It is actually because there is more in this industry than gaming and gambling. This industry generates both gaming and non-gaming revenue. During the course of this article, we will be discussing all sides to this.

Gaming Revenue

The gaming or gambling aspect of this industry is the most popular side of it. It is to gambling, as football games are to football. There are two major parts of the gaming aspect of the industry. They include the online and offline gambling.

Offline Gaming

The traditional form of gambling does not look like it will go out of fashion anytime soon. Indeed, Canada has lots of land-based or offline casinos scattered all over the country. You can find at least 80 credible casinos in Canada as you read this article.

Online Casinos

Online casinos are on the rise and are currently expanding. There are online casinos worldwide that permit Canadian users to play. There are also Canadian-based companies that provide Canadians with gambling services. You can visit Casimoose to get accurate information about online casinos in Canada.

These online casinos are very sophisticated. They give you the feel of being in a real casino. Everything happens in real time so much that you do not realize this is an electronic platform.

Non-Gaming Revenue

There is more to this industry than gaming and gambling. There are certain aspects of the non-gaming or gambling part that you actually know but did not take too seriously.

Some of them includes the hotels, bars and eateries that operate within a casino. Although, sometimes, it may be the other way round. You can eat at the restaurant, lodge in the hotel or drink at the bar without gambling or gaming.

There are many other non-gaming aspects of the Canadian gambling industry


This is another form of revenue that gambling provides. Establishing hotels within the premises of a casino or vice versa is a marketing strategy. It encourages people who lodge into the hotel to gamble or people who gamble to lodge in the hotel. However, the industry still generates revenue when you lodge in the hotel with a casino without playing or gambling.


Betting companies are major sponsors of many other companies in other industries. Airlines, football teams, food companies and even drinks. Many reality shows are also sponsored by betting companies. Even some fansites of videogames are sponsored by gambling sites.


This is one of the major benefactors of the betting industry. Both the offline and online aspects of the betting industry contribute a lot to entertainment. Offline casinos always offer some side attraction like a band or a solo singer. Some even employ the services of a magician. If you want more knowledge about that, you can check the site Canada Entertainement!


Technology is also another huge benefactor of the gambling industry. Slot machines, cameras and many other gadgets are all products of technology. Online casinos also employ the use of supporting software to ensure a better gambling experience for their users.

There are many questions about the economic situations of the gambling industry in Canada. The only thing that is true about it is the fact that it is thriving.


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