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Easy Tips For New Online Blackjack Players
Blackjack is a casino game that requires skill and strategy. Find out how you cn boost your chances of beating the dealer to 21 online today.

1. Learn The Basics

Every expert has to start somewhere – it’s only through walking that you can learn to run. Blackjack, one of the most well-known card games played in casinos around the world, is no exception. The rules, though easy enough to understand, can seem overwhelming to beginners. Luckily there are some helpful hints that can set a Blackjack novice in good stead.

2. Essential Terms

As with any game, you can’t really start until you know the lingo. Some essential Blackjack terminology includes:
  • Blackjack – the best hand possible to achieve in Blackjack consisting of an ace and another card valued at ten (10, Jack, Queen or King)

  • natural – a player’s first two cards add up to 21

  • bust – when a player goes over 21

  • bust card – the card that pushes a player over 21

  • pip value – how much numbered cards are worth

  • double/double down – to increase your original bet by 100% (doubling the bet) before drawing (only) one additional card

  • hit – to request another card

  • stand – to stop requesting additional cards

  • split – split the first two cards into two hands when the values are the same

  • surrender – decision made to terminate after the first hand that results in the house taking half the player’s original bet and returning the other half to them
Taking some time to read over basic Blackjack lingo can help you ease into the game rather than flounder.

3. Card Values

All casino card games assign different values to different cards, although in many there are similarities. In Blackjack the card values are easy to remember: aces can be worth one or eleven, Face cards (Jack, Queen and Kin) are worth ten, and numbered cards are worth their numerical value.

4. Top Strategy Tips

While understanding terminology perfectly is a great way to start when playing Blackjack or if you buy crypto currency, it can take some time to become comfortable with applying those concepts to the game while you’re playing it. Some simple tips:
  • Always split aces if you are dealt two on the first hand

  • Do not split tens when dealt two numbered tens or two cards worth ten (such as a Jack and a King)

  • Do split eights

  • If your hand is worth 17 without using an Ace as 11 then stand (do not draw additional cards)

  • If your hard total (no Ace) is less than 12 then DO request additional cards

The above rules are the basis of good play but for complete details refer to the full Basic Strategy

Easy Does It

While Blackjack is simple enough to play, a beginner needs a lot of practice to feel at home with the game. Once you’ve conquered the basics, it’s time to try your hand at some more complex strategies.

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