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Casino Sites and the UK Gambling Commission
Some things must be considered when choosing a licenced online casino; all must adhere to the highest standards of Responsible Gambling and provide players with a tool belt of time and spend limiting tools to help them avoid gambling harm. The facility for reversing withdrawals has been phased out and, in the main, made payment processing more reliable.

As a result, you can rest confident that many things will remain the same no matter where you play when choosing a United Kingdom Gambling Commission(UKGC) licenced casino from one of many casino sites available.

What is the Gambling Commission of the United Kingdom?

The Gambling Act of 2005 established the UK Gambling Commission, which is responsible for regulating the UK gambling industry, with a particular focus on online gaming. It is frequently held up as a shining example of gambling regulator best practice. It is frequently used as a comparison point for regulating authorities in other countries and jurisdictions.

What is the role of the UK Gambling Commission?
  • Ascertain that gaming in the United Kingdom is devoid of criminal activity.
  • Ensure that gambling in the United Kingdom is both fair and open.
  • Ensure that children and vulnerable persons in the UK be safeguarded from gambling.

What Types of Licenses Does the UK Gambling Commission Offer?

The UK Gambling Commission offers a variety of licences.

Rather than providing operators with a single licence that covers all online gaming operations, the UK Gambling Commission now provides remote operating licences for each sort of activity that an online operator would want to engage in, such as Betting, Bingo, Casino Games,Gaming Machines, Gaming Software and Lotteries

Most major online gambling operators will additionally require remote Personal Management Licences (PML) for their senior staff members in addition to the above activity-specific licences. This means that everyone in charge of critical corporate areas including financial budgeting, overall strategy, regulatory compliance, and IT provision and security must go through a PML approval process before lawfully making any operational choices.

The History of the UK Gambling Commission

The UK Gaming Commission, which replaced the former Gaming Board for Great Britain, was established to supervise the booming online gambling business. The National Lottery Commission and the UK Gambling Commission combined in 2013. Under the 2014 Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Act, it continued to act in the best interests of British consumers the following year.

The purpose of this legislation, as its name suggests, was to regulate gambling advertising directed towards UK residents. All gaming operators that provide remote gambling services (or advertise to British consumers) must now receive a remote operating licence from the UK Gambling Commission. This means that even operators situated outside of the UK must seek a licence in order to service (or advertise to) clients in the UK. This includes all forms of advertising, such as television commercials, sponsorship, and physical installations.

Is the UK Gambling Commission to be trusted?

Yes, the UKGC is widely regarded as one of the world's most rigorous gaming regulators, with several important areas of attention, including:

  • Player Funds Protection | Ensuring that licensees keep consumer funds separate from business/operational funds.
  • Player Identification | Ensuring that licence holders take steps to ensure that online gamers are of legal age.
  • Player Protection | Ensuring that licensees are aware of (and follow) measures designed to protect players who engage in problematic gambling behaviour.
  • Fair Gambling | Ensuring that licensees only use software (including games and proprietary operating systems) that has been licenced.
  • Honest Marketing | Ensuring that licensees do not promote or advertise in ways that are deceptive.
  • Cash Handling | Ensuring that licensees take steps to prevent money laundering and only use secure and lawful payment methods.
  • Consumer Service | Ensuring that licensees have processes in place to track and handle customer concerns.

Online gambling operators must follow the Gambling Commission's standards (including maintaining honest and transparent communications) or risk having their licence cancelled and maybe face an inquiry or penalty. So choosing a UKGC licenced casino really is the safest way to play.

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