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All In: A Step-by-Step Guide to
Launching Your Online Gambling Business in Australia

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Australia's iGaming License Overview

Australia, officially titled as the Commonwealth of Australia, is a sovereign state situated in the region of Oceania, which comprises many islands and Australia, including it. The domain comprises the mainland of Australia, connected to Tasmania which is the country's island and also several small islands. Bearing its status of largest among countries in Oceania and the sixth-highest one globally in terms of area, it is the resident of the capital city of Canberra and metropolis of Sydney along with big cities like Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide.

It shares its mainland borders with Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, East Timor, and to the west it faces Solomon Islands and Vanuatu; and New Zealand to the southeast. In terms of demographic information, Australia is not an exceptionally urbanized country however it certainly has a strong population density in the eastern seaboard. Well known for being the founding nation for a highly developed economy, Australia ranks as the world’s maiden last economy. However, it has the highest income economy which stands tenth globally when compared to the per capita income index. This expands the country's economic activity in many parts, for instance exporting mining materials, as well as banking, manufacturing, and the communication industry.

The betting sector in Australia has been one of the main industries for many years, and is a big part of the local culture as well as being a huge presence considering Australia is the origin of world’s first one-arm bandit due to the development of the slot machines. Almost 80% and mature people of the adult population choose to do gambling by using casinos and lotteries for their part. The gambling industry is based on traditional brick and mortar casinos that provide different games of odds, including poker, table games and electronic gaming alternatives while the slot machines and video poker is incredibly popular and easily found in every local pub or club around the country.

For the people who operate and provide the services in the gambling industry the governing body provides the gambling license. Hence they can do the casino works, lottery related and other kinds of gaming design. The Australia Gambling License in particular is the most popular outside the region being very sought-after globally.

Australian jurisdiction dominates the notion of internet gambling violations by issuing the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 to restrict the activities of online gambling operators and to prevent the possible adverse effect of online gambling. The legislation not only prohibited gambling on pokies (a kind of slot machine), roulette, blackjack, and online poker but also any other gambling activities occurring through the online means.

Besides the restricted territories of Western Australia, rest of the states allow on-premises live casinos in the hotels. Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales still offer gaming in the local nightclubs. The whole country has live casinos which are managed by states and territories, and 15 of them are located in Australia. Also, some of them offer popular poker games such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha Poker. In particular, the Crown Melbourne in Victoria won popularity throughout the world for the annual Aussie Millions poker tournament series.

The Australian gambling market is characterized by a strong presence of adults with well-established gambling habits, resulting in an average annual loss per adult of € 990, according to The Economist publication. Moreover, the online sector of the gambling field is seeing a 15% annual rise. Australia has a resilient infrastructure of services for online gaming operators and providers, which covers high capacity private racks, private cloud services, dedicated servers customized for clients' needs as well as various hosting options.

Australia today is the leading company of online gambling operators who consider it as a preferred home for them because of such factors as the existence of an ideal legislative system, political stability, and well developed telecommunication and financial service infrastructure. The country holds a variety of diverse Australian based online casino gambling sites covering different tastes, like eSports, sports bettings, lotto, bingo and so on.

Australia's Online Gambling Regulations

Control of gambling in Australia is primarily from the level of the states or territories, not federal governments. This decentralized approach employs central government and regional authorities for monitoring of the sector and formulating or modifying equivalent laws. The structure of the Australian administration features 6 states, 3 continental territories and a number of external areas with each of them having their respective legislative assemblies whose role is licensing gamblers.

All the Australian gambling companies are subject to federal anti – money laundering rules, The Unusual Transactions Act, counter – terrorism financing regulations and know your transactors policy. Local licensing authorities serving as the government watchdog to the gaming activities and services are responsible for enforcing the Australian government's regulatory guidelines.

Compliance audits are under execution to make sure the agreement terms are being followed. A licensee is obliged to keep a complete audit trail from the player’s deposit, which should cover the financial transaction and individual bets. In addition to gaming systems wherein back-end software logs are conceivable, third–party auditors could be allowed to access the system.

In perfect agreement with the mentioned principle, gaming rules, results and payments must be exposed to the control regulator and its superior authority within a period of five years.

Starting an Online Gambling Business in Australia

On the cusp of the online gambling business in Australia, the two-fold factor is company registration and licensing. An Australian license is not only good for licensees with multiple benefits in increased revenue but also contributes to overall profitability of the business.

Different locations of the gambling operators across the Australia states and tax applications for varied gambling services differ. A disparity arises in this regard since tax rates and bases differ by region and makes the comparison of taxes in different regions more challenging. On the other hand, the keno tax rate in Australian Capital Territory (ACT) at 2.53% of revenue not gross is equal to a gross profit tax rate of 10.12%. Certain taxation frameworks are ultimately determined by the jurisdiction where the Australia casino licenses are held. By the way, the nation's casino industry nets 15% of the revenue.

Australia has a highly stable political system, great telecommunication infrastructure, and a well-developed financial services industry that motivates international operators to establish their businesses in this location. The Australia Gambling License provides an international recognition that allows for the distribution of our products to a wide range of customers across many countries across the globe.

The government organization that controls gambling licenses in Australia, Regulatory Authority, is responsible for a thorough evaluation of the information sent by prospects. Out of the set of licenses, this is the only one relevant for all spheres of gaming operations, which comprise internet gaming services, network running, affiliates, white labeling, and internet gaming application.

Consequently, a license issued to online gaming companies based on the condition that each applicant gets assessed to confirm financial stability and integrity helps Australia to adhere to the global gambling platform, which is the only way it can help in maintaining the reputation of Australia as a good online gambling platform. If a matter that concerns a regulatory authority is discovered, the local regulatory authority points out the needed improvements by ticking it off the checklist.

The Australia Gambling License consists of gaming activities not limited to eSports, sports betting, lotto, bingo, horse racing, fantasy sports, games of skill and other matters. It, thus, eliminates the need for separate licenses for individual products. On the other hand though it is noteworthy to mention that poker and online casino gaming in Australia have been banned under the Interactive Gambling Act in (2001). However, it should be noted that internet gaming entities that solely distribute their products to people residing beyond Australia are not covered by the Interactive Gambling Act prohibitions outlined in it. These rules guide the business world to amplify their operations worldwide.

Requirements for Gambling Operations in Australia

Every organization that plans to offer the services to Australians should be based in Australia as well, and, besides that, should hold a license from the Australian Regulatory Authority. It all depends on the company being a foreign entity or not. If the entity is a foreign one, then the appointment of a local director from Australia is a must, residing in Australia and able to communicate with the country authorities in the same language, and have the authority to put the contracts related to the foreign entity on behalf.

Prior to placing any bets, operators and their players are obligated to open bank accounts in Australian financial companies for deposits. In general, payment disbursement to online players is done exclusively by the regulated remote gaming operators and at the discretion and within the parameters of licensed payment processors approved by the County Gambling Regulator.

The amount of liability capital a company has to determine, which is dependent on game type as well.

Monthly returns showing the annual and corresponding gaming fee as well as other sources of income such as tax must be submitted to the National Regulatory Authority using a provided standardized form.

For instance, character traits must be clearly respected i.e. those concerning the protection of minors, the data of a promotional material and where and how it can be shown are compulsory.
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