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3 Resources Every Gambler Should Use
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Anyone who ventures into online gambling knows they are taking a punt. Many gamblers factor into their budget that they will lose a certain amount each month. This negative albeit cautious mindset is unlikely to help them win big in the future. Everyone who gambles should have a plan on how they are going to minimise loss or reduce the house edge. Fortunately, there are tools and resources available that can help you achieve this. In this article, we will detail three of them so you are better equipped next time you gamble online.

Tipster Services

A tipster service is a great way to access awesome tips from those who are more experienced than us. Many tipster services will grant you access to their tips for a small monthly fee. The best part about this programme is that there is no obligation to continue. Plus, if you find the tips aren’t making you money, you can cancel and go somewhere else. It’s in their interest to help you make money as you will be more likely to stick with them.


Social media is a powerful tool for online gambling. The best online casinos in Malaysia, UK and Canada will often promote there. They’ll let you know what bonuses or promotions are running. By following you favourite casinos, you will know when awesome bonuses or free spins are available so you can strike. The problem most losing players have is that they are not taking advantage of bonuses often enough. If you spend a little time each week on Twitter you’ll be ready to get the bonuses as and when they become available. As always, read the terms and conditions first and gamble responsibly.

Relevant Blogs

There are some truly great blogs online (like ours) which can help beginners and intermediates alike, access guides for free. Blogs are an easy way to digest game theory, how to guides or the rules of games that you didn’t know before. When you’re considering playing a new game you should always read up the rules and basic tips first and that’s where relevant gambling blogs can help. We suggest bookmarking the best gambling blogs and visiting regularly.

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