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3 Big Online Casino Trends That Will Power 2020

2019 has been a pivotal year in online casino due to technological developments that will have implications for the future. But, what does the future hold for online casino? From 5G effects, mobile gaming, and brand cohesion, online casino will see advancements in many ways that have been made possible through 2019.
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5G Technology Will Influence Game Development

The introduction of 5G technology will be a huge step in all gaming technology and indeed in the wider technological world. The increased bandwidth means faster speeds and a lot less latency, which should help when it comes to online gaming. Download speeds will be nearly immediate and the transfer of information will be instantaneous, as argues, which gives it many other uses. This will lead to greater scope for online casino games, some of which will include live poker and live roulette being adapted. This will especially help as far as mobile gaming goes, allowing mobiles not to be as restricted as desktops are when it comes to the design of games and of sites.

Mobile-Friendly Games Will Increase

As the way in which we choose to engage with online casino changes, developers will need to keep up and present the gameplay in different ways. One such way is through mobile gaming. A lot of online casino sites have been made mobile-friendly and continue to change as operating systems adapt and developers understand the full extent of how mobile could benefit their games. As shows, introducing games that complement the hyper-casual nature of how we like to game on our mobiles into mobile versions will open them up to wider audiences. Those not as likely to have been considered gamers in the past are turning to their phones to game at an increasing rate, so for developers to capitalise on this makes sense.  
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Franchise Cohesion

The popularity of some online slot games that take the theme of popular franchises will also increase in 2020. Developers will be looking at two areas: franchises that work well with audiences on online casino and franchises that are enjoyed by people who aren’t yet players of online casino.

For instance, Jurassic Park and superhero games, such as those connected to Marvel, which obviously has its hardcore fans, as reports, are commonplace for online slots. These themes work well as slots because they have a broad appeal that touches on interest areas of a lot of existing online casino players. While we could then see development of slots that are either broader in franchise appeal or specifically target other audiences, such as the Bridesmaids slot that targets fans of the comedy flick, who may not be pulled in by the superhero games.     

Moving towards 2020, those with an interest in the industry will be looking at how different advancements will be utilised to benefit the sector as a whole. 5G technology’s rise will see games being tailor made for the inevitable switch to the better network. The rise of mobile gaming in recent years will see more sites increase their mobile accessibility. While the connection to brands and the integration of different elements of pop culture into online casino will continue.
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