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Welcome to the News desk.

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Read [Scandal][UK] Dec 7th 2012.
 Dettori will return after ban
Read [Scandal][UK] Nov 26th 2012.
 Secret Race is book of the year
Read [Poker][Vegas] Nov 1st 2012.
 Greg Merson wnis WSOP
Read [Racing][UK] Oct 16th 2012.
 Richard Hughes rides 7 winners
Read [Casino][UK] Oct 15th 2012.
 Phil Ivey waiting for £7.2m
Read [Poker][World] Sep 26th 2012.
 Full Tilt repayment plan
Read [Racing][UK] Sep 16th 2012.
 Hereford racecourse to close
Read [Casino][EU] Sep 12th 2012.
 Eurovegas in Madrid
Read [Bingo][UK] Aug 18th 2012.
 Facebook gambles on Bingo
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Aug 5th 2012.
 Gambling Law change a mistake
Read [Exchange][UK] Jul 12th 2012.
 Betfair drops after Cyprus change
Read [Exchange][UK] Jul 4th 2012.
 Betfair and BHA sign deal
Read [Casino][UK] Jun 8th 2012.
 Health Lottery wins casino licence
Read [Bookmaker][UK] May 16th 2012.
 Violence on the increase
Read [Casino][UK] May 14th 2012.
 Rank buys Gala Casinos
Read [Poker][UK] May 1st 2012.
 Amarilo Slim Preston dies
Read [Lottery][UK] Apr 28th 2012.
 Health Lottery failing
Read [Scandal][UK] Apr 23rd 2012.
 Wayne Rooney's father escapes trial
Read [Addiction][UK] Apr 20th 2012.
 Escape from gambling hell
Read [Casino][UK] Apr 11th 2012.
 Milton Keynes first casino is Aspers
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Apr 1st 2012.
 Ladbrokes loses £100k on by-election
Read [Scandal][UK] Mar 28th 2012.
 Betfair punters lose £23m case
Read [Scandal][UK] Mar 19th 2012.
 £13m black hole at Worldspreads
Read [Scandal][UK] Mar 13th 2012.
 Deal Or No Deal before commission
Read [Addiction][UK] Mar 11th 2012.
 Gambling amongst teenagers
Read [Casino][UK] Mar 6th 2012.
 Megacasino battle in Spain
Read [Scandal][UK] Mar 3rd 2012.
 Supergran gamblers free to go
Read [Racing][UK] Feb 23rd 2012.
 Hanagan gets Richard Hill's job
Read [Addiction][UK] Feb 15th 2012.
 Addiction rife in Social Media Games
Read [Racing][UK] Feb 1st 2012.
 BHA stewards missing the "skulduggery".
Read [Scandal][UK] Jan 30th 2012.
 Penny Auction sites pure gambling?
Read [Exchange][UK] Jan 13th 2012.
 Betfair teams up with IOC
Read [Exchange][UK] Jan 3rd 2012.
 Betfair apology falls short
Read [Internet][UK] Dec 29th 2011.
 Wire Act review boosts online gambling
Read [Racing][UK] Dec 29th 2011.
 Betfair voids £23m in bets
Read [Scandal][UK] Dec 14th 2011.
 BHA hands out 66 years of bans
Read [Casino][UK] Dec 1st 2011.
 Aspers, Britain's biggest casino
Read [Poker][UK] Nov 16th 2011.
 World Poker Championships in London
Read [Greyhounds][UK] Nov 8th 2011.
 Television lifts Greyhounds racing
Read [Scandal][UK] Nov 3rd 2011.
 Cricket cheats go to jail
Read [Scandal][UK] Nov 1st 2011.
 Pakistan spot-fixing guilty verdict
Read [Racing][UK] Oct 21st 2011.
 BHA gives in to jockey demands
Read [Exchange][UK] Oct 14th 2011.
 Betfair keeps data loss quiet
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Oct 10th 2011.
 Ladbrokes slips after purchase aborted
Read [Scandal][UK] Oct 6th 2011.
 Rooney's father arrested over scam
Read [Racing][UK] Sep 28th 2011.
 Use of whip halved
Read [Poker][UK] Sep 21st 2011.
 Full Tilt was a Ponzi scheme
Read [Racing][UK] Sep 20th 2011.
 Red Rum trainer McCain dies at 80
Read [Racing][UK] Sep 9th 2011.
 BHA challenges Levy Board
Read [TV][UK] Aug 26th 2011.
 £Million Roulette comes to ITV
Read [Casino][World] Aug 26th 2011.
 50 die in Mexico casino arson attack
Read [Online][UK] Aug 21st 2011.
 Caesars casino pays punters in online error
Read [Racing][UK] Aug 12th 2011.
 Howard Johnson banned for four years
Read [Racing][UK] Aug 7th 2011.
 Racing endangered by poor governance
Read [Exchange][UK] Aug 4th 2011.
 Betfair moves to stop big winners
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Jul 31st 2011.
 Bodog gets UK Gambling licence
Read [Racing][World] Jul 20th 2011.
 Breeders Cup finally says no to drugs
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Jul 14th 2011.
 Betting shakeup targets offshore
Read [Poker][UK] Jun 30th 2011.
 Full Tilt Poker shut down by regulators
Read [Casino][UK] Jun 29th 2011.
 Rank execs quit in takeover farce
Read [Poker][USA] Jun 28th 2011.
 USA bill to allow online poker
Read [Exchange][UK] Jun 27th 2011.
 Chief exec leaves troubled Betfair
Read [Scandal][USA] Jun 23rd 2011.
 Mafia boss caught after 16 years
Read [Casino][USA] Jun 15th 2011.
 Bellagio Biker Bandit pleads guilty
Read [Exchange][UK] Jun 10th 2011.
 Betfair's duff floatation
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Jun 3rd 2011.
 Tote bought by Betfred for £265m
Read [Racing][UK] May 20th 2011.
 Five Jockeys charged with race fixing
Read [Casino][USA] May 13th 2011.
 Bellagio Biker Bandit charged
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