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The tote, was established by Act of Parliament in 1928 and is now the fourth largest bookmaker in the UK. (in April 1999 Tote became the first major betting organisation to move into online betting) was a jointly owned venture between the Tote and PA Sporting Life. On May 27th 2002, the site ownership of reverted to Sporting Life and runs under the UK Betting betting license. A new site Tote BetXpress was created to be run by the Tote. On 10th March 2004 a new look appeared and the name changed to totesport.

The tote has over 4000 employees, 450 betting shops and a big presence in each of the 59 racecourses in Britain. They opperate the only pool betting operation on horseracing in Britain.

The Good Things
New website as of Feb 2010. This is a big improvement and a clear leap forward in ease of use and many more markets for you to get into, especially good if you know about the sport you are betting on. Great racing coverage with free commentaries and track information.

Its clear and easy to understand what the menus mean and where to get your information. The maximum bet available is shown without asking. The betting screen sequence is clear. Allows you bet into the Tote Pool. Menus for help and Accounts all look clear.

The really good aspect of the website is that you can bet directly into Tote pools and so can get better that track price odds if you are canny. You can also pull up all the live pool information which is better than being at the track.

Excellent all round website!

The Downside
Nothing really wrong. Front page has no need to be that messy.

Great improvement.

Summary Score : 8½/10
Min bet : £1 Min deposit : £10 Book : see book comparison
Limits : Max. payout = £500,000 Tel : 0800 666 100 Email :
Trading name of tote Credit Limited. Registered in England: Company No: 574813
 Based : Douglas House, tote Park, Chapel Lane, Wigan WN3 4HS
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